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Food Product & Beverages

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Food is the necessity of human being and taking various kinds of beverages is today’s fashion, more than the necessity. This gives food & Beverage industry a high level of market segment, a variety of products, and a number of companies. This Industry represents fresh, frozen, chilled, and long shelf-life beverage products. These are manufactured and distributed, imported and marketed to consumers, retailers, catering services and other manufacturers too. This industry has become a center point of attracting revenue in many different countries. Indian made food and beverage is famous into the entire world. Tradekeyindia is the best Business Directory of Beverages & Food Products where all the Indian Foods supplier, manufacturers, exporters, Traders, Distributors,pizza food supplies, food producers, wholesalers. Manufacturers and suppliers of bottles & cans of beverages are listed. A large number of products like: alcohol, beverages, Confectionery Baked Goods,meat and dairy products, bread & biscuits, frozen food, saffron, snacks, spices & seasonings etc. are included under the category of Food & Beverages.

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