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 FLOOR MARKING TAPE - India Verified

Floor marking tape :It is a plasticized PVC tape coated with an aggressive modified rubber-resin adhesive, which is lead free, good adhesion to most surfaces, distinct colors code for safety warning and marking, remove without adhesive residue. It also has good resistance to solvent, oil and water. Applications: It is suitable for line marking t

Posted Date : 2010-11-15

 POLYESTER TAPE - India Verified

Polyester Tape:It is transparent double sided adhesive tapes consist of transparent polyester film with modified acrylic adhesive system. It has an easy release paper liner. The tape is very thin and offers a good tack and high shear resistance hence ideal for splicing application. Red color is also available on demand. Applications: Mounting of

Posted Date : 2010-11-15


BATTERY TERMINAL COATING: Air tight, water proof and acid resistant, anti-sulfation coating. Resistant to heat, gasoline, oil & grease, will not crack or peel when correctly applied on undamaged batteries operating in conditions of medium acidity. Applications: Protecting battery and cable terminals against leakages, acid sulfation and corrosi

Posted Date : 2010-11-15

 ANTI - TRACK - India Verified

ANTI –TRACK: Unique air-dry, di-electric coating designed to prevent tracking, arcing and flash overs caused by dust and moisture specifically on bus bar end-bushings and insulators. Weather proof & non-ageing. Applications: Bus bar ends, bushings, insulators, switch yard equipments....

Posted Date : 2010-11-15

 CARBON REMOVER - India Verified

CARBON REMOVER: Uniquely penetrates & ‘Lifts off’ carbonaceous coatings, thick varnishes, acrylic coatings, adhesives etc. User & surface safe. Minimum labour input. Highly effective on all types of coatings & deposits. Applications: Carbon deposits from make-break contactors, relays, commutators, insulators, bus-bars. Removing varnishes & adh

Posted Date : 2010-11-15


RED INSULATING VARNISH: Tough flexible air dry insulation and protection coating. Thoroughly penetrates into windings & coils and seals out dust and moisture. Designed to be used as a finishing coat over existing impregnating varnishes as well as to provide class H insulation & protection on unprotected motor surfaces (slots, clamps, plates) so

Posted Date : 2010-11-15

 SUMMER HORSE RUG - India Verified

Polyester cotton Rug with two tone beautiful design, cross surcingle , twin zinc buckle front opening, detatchable and removable leg straps , shoulder gusset for free movement, satin lined should and a gnerous tail flap

Posted Date : 2010-11-13


Health Benefits of Lava Scalar Bio Energy Quantum Pendant Reduces Inflammation. Promotes unclumping of cells. Enhance Circulation. Enhance imune and endocrine system. Has the abiltiy to destroy viruses and bacteria. Enhances Cellular nutrition and detoxification. Enhances Cellular permeability. Helps to retard ageging process. Helaps to

Posted Date : 2010-11-07

 HORSE RUG - India Verified

High quality potcotton rug with satin lined shouders, Leg straps.

Posted Date : 2010-11-01


we are manufacturer and exporter of Wooden Box, Wooden Cross, Wooden Urns, Keepsake Cross, Keepsake Lockets, memorial urns, cremation urns, memorial gifts, traditional urns, Aluminium Urns, Brass Urns, Keepsake Keychains.

Posted Date : 2010-10-06


i am manufactuers & exporter we are making brass & alumunium items just like brass handle,pipe handle pull handle knobs etc alumunium handle ,pipe handle,knobs etc so plz contact me .i given you best quality and rate plz send any inqiury for company. thanks mohd.rashid 91-9837255719

Posted Date : 2010-09-29

 I AM MANUFACTURERS - India Verified

hello sir, i am manufacturers and exporter.so i am manufacturing brass ,alumunium,zinc,copper,iron any other products are making ,just like brass knobs, brass handles, pipe handles and other items alumunium items etc.so plz contact me i am manufacturing your items i given you best quality and rate. thanks mohd.rashid 91-9837255719

Posted Date : 2010-09-29


Description: What is Levin Health Care Scalar energy Pendant Levin Scalar Quantum energy Pendent is amalgation of fused natural minerals , structurally bonded together at molecular level. It Produces scaler energy that helps to enhance body''s Bio electricity field.The Scalar quantum energy pendant promotes positive flow of energy to maintai

Posted Date : 2010-09-26

  THEMA 11 E GRIPPERS - India Verified

We are supplying premium quality grippers for thema 11 E or super excel Somet looms. These grippers are suitable for fine and course count weft. Features: * Very good durability * Efficient grip * Stable * Durable setting.

Posted Date : 2010-09-12

  LEONARDO GRIPPERS - India Verified

We are engaged in supply of grippers of Leonardo Vamatex looms. These grippers are of good quality and are suitable for all type of weft yarn (cotton, polyester, nylon and linen yarn). Very good grip of weft is achievable with these grippers.

Posted Date : 2010-09-12

  GRIPPERS (G6100) - India Verified

We have wide and excelent range of grippers for G6100 Sulzer rapier looms. These grippers are made of tested and trusted metal. Any type of weft may be used in these grippers these are long life with less bear and tear. Setting point are easy with these grippers.

Posted Date : 2010-09-12

  DORNIER GRIPPERS - India Verified

We are supplying high quality grippers for Dornier looms. Special quality of metal is used in these grippers are efficient. Reduces weft breakage up-to optimum level. Any count of yarn can we inserted by these grippers in the fabric.

Posted Date : 2010-09-12


We engaged in supplying of excellent quality of grippers for Picanol gamma looms. These grippers are highly efficient and provides excellent performance of the looms. The grippers have high durability with easy setting point.

Posted Date : 2010-09-12

 RAPIER TAPES - India Verified

We are engaged in supplying of rapier tapes (ribbons) for various types of flexible rapier looms. We have very wide and excellent range of rapier tapes. These rapier tapes are made of double carbon layer and have high durability.

Posted Date : 2010-09-12


We have excellent range of sprocket wheels (rapier drive wheels). We are supplying sprocket wheels for various type of rapier looms. These are made of special quality metal as well as carbon fiber. These sprocket wheels have high durability.

Posted Date : 2010-09-12

Total :  20 Sell Offers Found